Jacob Delaroche: Brand Story

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So charged with the romanticism that in every corner there is a hidden beauty. The grandiose monuments, the beautiful works of art, the squares and the very feeling that permeates the air of the city makes the heart of the passionate accelerate. Jacob Delaroche is just a man in this beautiful city, a man who saw the beauties of light and love and decided to scatter them not only to immobile buildings and works in museums.

Jacob’s jewels are unique, the authentic beauty of the city fills each one in its unique and astonishing style. However, they are affordable, Jacob had the attention of keeping his luxury jewels at an affordable price for everyone to have them. With a modest price and a great value, obtained through the choice of the best materials around the world, these little stars can shine for more people. It’s a lovely story, worthy of the lights of Paris.

A man who wants to share the beauty that he perceives in his city to the world. However, making each jewel unique and special, like all the stars in the sky and all the people of the world.

Jacob Delaroche is a designer and an artist, his works acclaim the feminine elegance and are always in great prominence for parades in all the world. His unique style, dedication in making every jewel individual and excellent and even the simple but sincere act of naming each one with a name. This is what makes Jacob’s jewels be luxury artifacts at a better price.


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